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Aura Imaging - AuraCam 6000 / Coggins Camera AuraCam 6000 / Coggins Camera

What is the AuraCam 6000?
Throughout history, Auras were only seen by a gifted few. With modern technology however, Progen is now able to bring the ability to see Auras to everyone! We here at Progen want you to see your own aura in order to help you gain deeper personal insight into emotional and mental states as well as posess spiritual awareness. With the AuraCam 6000, you can do just that! The AuraCam 6000, pictured right, is a Polaroid camera that is capable of taking a single picture of a subject's aura instantly. This camera is ideal for therapy and health centers, Aura and Biofeedback studios, meditation centers, seminar houses, bookstores, fairs, and many other locations! Over 30 years have been put into perfecting the AuraCam 6000, so you know that you'll be getting an accurate and precise machine.

How Does The AuraCam 6000 Work?
The Auracam 6000 consists of one or two hand sensors which are connected through cables with the camera. Polaroid instant film is put into the camera and is adjusted and aligned to the customer. Once the customer puts their left and right hand onto hand sensors, the AuraCam 6000 begins to gather standardized biofeedback parameter data through the hand sensors. The measured points of resonance are connected with certain organs and the electromagnetic field of the person; this information about the energetic and auric qualities of a human being are then delivered to the camera. Through a patented operation, these parameters are projected as a radiant, colorful aura field around the body onto the Polaroid film, along with the image of the person.

Dual sensors can be attached to the AuraCam 6000 in order to guarantee a maximum of measurement precision and resolution. The minimalist basis design allows for easy handling, long lasting stability, and easy transport of the unit.

The AuraCam 6000 can also measure deviations in temperature, humidity and static electricity in the environment and the person, allowing for greater precision in data gathering. This guarantees even more precision and stability in the biofeedback measurement and in your Aura analysis.

Additional Features
Several interactive computer programs come installed to the AuraCam 6000 itself; when attached to a Windows PC, it can enable you to see the aura in real time on a computer monitor or TV and VCR. From there you can make color printouts of a subject's aura. Click here for further information.

Fields Of Use
The AuraCam 6000 can be used anywhere: Therapy and health centers, healing sessions, Aura- and Biofeedbackstudios, Meditation centers, seminar houses, bookstores, Gem and Aurasoma stores, Fairs... click here to learn about more places where you could use an AuraCam 6000.

Fuji makes a film named the FP-100C, which is considerably superior than compatible Polaroid film, that can be used in the AuraCam 6000. Fortunately since there are still a lot of cameras that use the FP-100C film, this film will be available for a long time. On top of that, the advantages of this film over computer printers and digital cameras are still numerous; the important one being that film is considerably faster than computer photo printers. The AuraCam 6000 can take a photo every twenty seconds, while taking much longer for a photo printer to work. In the future we will eventually offer ways to connect the AuraCam 6000 to a computer photo printer, however. To start looking for the best prices on Fuji FP-100C film, click here.

Warranty Modules
The Functional Warranty Module Plan, at $2 per photo, is part of the warranty and upgrade options plan. One-half of the cost of the functional module keeps the parts and labor warranty in effect, while the other half can be applied toward upgrading your existing camera or receiving aura related items, such as back drops, special lighting, books, banners, etc. which we offer from time to time (ask your staff consultant about what's available). Money from the Functional Warranty Module is also used for national publicity to promote your Aura Imaging camera and events.

The AuraCam 6000 Package Consists Of:
1. The AuraCam 6000, with built-in computer hardware and software
2. The software Aura Analyzer, which prints out and analysis of the aura photo.
3. Hand sensor (biofeedback measuring device left and right)
4. One 200 unit functional warranty module which counts and prints film usage
5. Power pack
6. Portable carrying case
7. A training video and manual
8. Promotional signs and materials, and
9. Full technical and marketing support.

Power: 1A - 115 VAC / 0.6A - 230 VAC
Voltage: 85 - 264 VAC
Frequency: 47 - 440 Hz.
Camera Measurements: 250mm x 230mm x 140mm (Height x Breadth x Width)
Hand Sensor Measurements: 180mm x 150mm x 60mm (Height x Breadth x Width)
Camera Weight: 3kg
Hand Sensor Weight: 1kg
Exposition time: 6 seconds
Time of Development per Photo: 60 - 90 sec
Film: Fuji FP-100 C, Polaroid Polacolor 100C
ROM: exchangeable and expandable
Processor: Mask- Micro- Chip
Other Notes: Printout in black-and-white or color via parallel port to any computer printer. Camera is protected against static electricity.