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Aura Imaging - Massage Therapy Massage Therapy

Using biofeedback technology, you can see with your own eyes the kinds of effects massage therapy can have on the aura. A relaxing massage tends to cool the aura colors. Energizing body work, like a sports massage, tends to warm the aura colors. Check out some photographic examples of this process.

Before massage therapy, green
Relaxing shoulder massage cools colors toward blue
After massage therapy, blue

Energizing energy transfer warms colors from a laid back blue to energetic orange.

Burned-out looking image
Energetic massage on heart center
Dynamic energy increased!

Relaxing massage cools colors from stresed red color to relaxed blue color.
Before Relaxing Massage
5 minutes after Massage
45 minutes after Massage

Out of Balance
Acupuncture Balancing
Balanced Aura