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Aura Imaging Introduction – Aura Book: Color Interpretation Key

Color Interpretation Key

How to Read Auras: Understanding the Anatomy of the Aura

  • Right side, picture’s left: This is the person’s masculine energy. It is their expressive and active side, how one projects oneself to the world. It is more straightforward and physical, less emotional. Colors on this side may have to do with physical changes, memories or goals. It is the energy that is moving out. The recent or far past.
  • Left side, picture’s right: This is the person’s feminine side. This is their passive and receptive side. This side is the emotional and imaginative side. This side is indicative of what a person is projecting into the future. It is the energy that is moving in. The person may not be aware of it yet though.
  • Center, above the head: This is the energy of the moment, usually in the colors that the person traditionally reflects. The closer the colors are, the more intensely they are thinking about or experiencing them. If there is a band of color stretching like an arc over the top of the photo, this is indicative of a grand fear or goal.
  • Auras that expand out indicate spiritual expansion, expressiveness, extroversion, social activity, desire for connection, gregariousness, positive outlook, sense of adventure.
  • Auras closer in indicate inward focus, sensitivity, desire for solitude, meditation, peace, tranquility, or rest. This could mean a need to express or move out.


The word chakra comes from the Sanskrit cakram, which means “wheel.” Chakras are supposedly the anchors of our spirit, kind of like the ancient “houses of the soul”. There are seven major centers of energy and several minor ones in the hands and feet. They are said to spin like vortexes and emanate color. Some systems of belief say you are aligned when your chakras all spin clockwise, and some say they should all spin like wheels of a gear system, in alternating directions.
We cannot “prove” that chakras exist, and in general the Western world is not very accepting of them.

They are intuitive, like color meaning, and reside in the plane of the spiritual as well as the physical. It should not surprise you that something so intuitive to the psyche and soul be so elusive to the intellect. Nonetheless, modern aura imaging tools can detect the presence of these energy vortexes and translate their frequencies into color and direction of spin. In the Coggins’ camera Polaroid photograph, only the heart and throat chakras can be visible. In the new WinAura and Interactive computer programs, it is possible to see all of the chakras along with the overall aura. If you believe strongly in the importance of chakras, you should seek this technology out.

Here are descriptions of the different chakras, from the top to the bottom.


Experience. The color seen over your head is what you experience for yourself now. It’s the color that would best describe you.

Third Eye

Celestial. The color of the third eye reflects your spiritual state. Your insights, celestial dreams and spirit guides also affect this chakra.


Communication. The color on the throat is traditionally energy actively being expressed or held back. It could be a sore throat or a song.


Empathy. The color of your heart is usually the force coming into your being.

Solar Plexus

The color of the solar plexus is usually the center vibration of your being. It is the most common center for suppressed desires and feelings.


The energy coming from the sex area is what sparks all creative an social impulses. It emanates sexual desires, but also feelings of love.


The color of the root area is generally the energy of the physical plane and the person’s common reality. This is where all impulses for emotions begin, and it lies just below your belly button.

  • Red is the color of the womb, the passion that begins life, red is the color of fire.
  • Orange is the spark before the flame burns red. It brings the bounty of harvest time. Before the moon or sun sets or rises it lords over the horizon huge, orange.
  • Yellow is a color almost brighter in mood than white, and it can bring a smile to your life. “How rowdy,” people say, “to paint your house yellow!” It is the color of life energy, for the sun begets all things.
  • Green is in the growing grass, the reaching vines. It changes light into energy. It thrives on the hard earth, nose to the grindstone, soft loam and moss. It is the chosen color of money.
  • Blue, the color of the deep sea. The clear sky, a tear in the moonlight. Van Gogh was obsessed with blue, energy and power and loss bled into canvas.
  • Purple, Violet, rare. When seen in nature, it draws awe and mystery. Violet is powerful, and was once the domain of only royalty.
  • White is blinding truth of light. It is pure in pigment and light, like absence of sin and the joining of powers. It is the coveted ivory, the awaited buffalo, the liquid eye, the moon.
  • Lavender is clouds in deep space, flowers in the fairies’ glen.
  • Pink is the color of sweet innocent babes, and the secret places in both man and woman. Pink is, the nose of a soft kitten, the rose of a shy admirer, the blush of a maiden.
  • Turquoise, the Indian precious. It marries itself perfectly with silver, that cool, wise metal. Some say it has powers over the body.
  • These aura color meanings are aligned with the beliefs according to groups who believe in auras and chakras

Some Meanings of Auric Colors

  • Ultraviolet: This color may mean one of several things: you may be experiencing a time of stress, illness, or most likely are being inspired by startling and profound visions. You have ‘genius,’ meaning you are able now to think thoughts that have never been thought. Your psychic abilities are phenomenal. You may shock people with your incredible insights and clairvoyant abilities. You are truly a child of the new age.” You may wish to channel what you see into a new and unique art form or some amazing new invention, or who knows? Your highest goal is to manifest into the world what you see in your mind’s eye.
  • Violet: You are the fairy or leprachaun person of the color spectrum. “magical” would best describe your life and your way of operating the world at this point. You would rather talk about miracles, magic, and pots of gold at the end of the rainbow rather than anything ordinary or mundane. You would rather focus on the ethereal and the sublime. The beautiful world of the imagination is where you are safest and happiest You create a magical environment to live in. Your psychic abilities are also strong and fine-tuned now.
  • Light Violet: At the present time you may be experiencing a profoundly magical spiritual awakening. White, an actual mix of all the colors of the rainbow spectrum, represents intense prana while violet symbolizes vision and clairvoyance. This mix of these two shades indicates that you are going through a supercharges, magically synchronistic healing period. The energy of those around you may be instantaneously raised just by your mere presence.
  • Lavender: You sparkle and glow with a mysterious inner light. Not only are you magical, elfin/fairy- like creature, seemingly of another world, you are also a natural, clear conduit for spiritual Reiki energy. In you present, balanced state you channel pure, divine white light and help others with just your mere presence. You have a need for quiet, harmony, and peace in your life, allowing plenty of time for reflection, and meditation. Your primary focus in life at this point is spiritual. Much of the time, everyday matters hold little importance compared with your spiritual and meditative activities.
  • Blue/White: “Peace. Loving, and Balancing” best describe your focus in life now. You are natural, clear conduit for spiritual balancing energy for others as well as yourself. This light colored blue energy indicates you are in a regenerative, restful phase. If you do not work in the energy-balancing arts, you may find yourself gently encouraging and nurturing others with just your mere presence. Presently, your highest goals are to achieve complete inner peace and to develop your relationship with the Creator.
  • Light blue: Spiritual, sensitive, peace, loving and balancing best describe your focus in life now. This light-colored blue indicates that you are in a regenerative phase, but, at the same time, you are channeling the divine white light which indicates you are acting as a clear, spiritual conduit for others as well as yourself. If you do not work in helping others, you may find yourself gently encouraging and nurturing others with just your mere presence.
  • Blue: At this point in time, you are experiencing deep inner peace and tranquility in your life. Above all, you want to create harmony and ease in your environment. You may be on vacation or just experiencing a “time out” to relax and gather your energies. If you meditate, you may be able to easily access blissful states of consciousness. Your spirituality, rest, and peace are your main focus now.
  • Aquamarine: You have a compassionate, sensitive, yet practical nature. You are a natural teacher, counselor, health-care worker, and parent. You know how to help, encourage and nurture others with equal amounts of firmness and affection. Presently, your may find yourself In a “balancing” phase, needing time to be alone, rest, and recuperate. Self-healing and nurturing is essential for people who are constantly giving to others.
  • Green: “Hard at work” would best describe you now. You have serious goals, and you live your life in an organized, deliberate, and economical fashion. You are ambitious and desire prestige, notoriety, and power. You are also full of compassion and can be just as generous as you are demanding. You may be an excellent teacher, counselor, or business owner. You are full of gentle strength.
  • Yellow/green: Compassion, idealism, balancing, and teaching mixed with a sense of joy would best describe your present focus in life. You have serious goals and ideals and have natural compassion towards all of humanity, yet you wish to enjoy yourself while you work. You have a bright and quick intellect always curious for new ideas. You may be a voracious reader, gobbling up every book you can get your hands on when you encounter a new subject interesting to you.
  • Green/yellow: Compassion and idealism mixed with a sense of fun would best describe your present attitude toward life. You have serious goals and ideals and have a natural compassion towards all of humanity, yet you wish to enjoy yourself while you work. Just because you’re serious about accomplishing something doesn’t mean you live your life seriously. You’re fun to be around, and you inspire others with your happy, hopeful attitude.
  • Yellow: Joy and happiness surround you now. Your excitement is contagious, life is your playground, and you make everything fun. Even the most tedious of household tasks becomes a game when you do them because you infuse everything with a sense of fun. At heart you are a happy, laughing child. You also have a bright and curious intellect hungry for new and exciting ideas.
  • Gold: Prosperity is yours now just for the asking. Luck, abundance, and joy surround you. You inspire others with your warm, optimistic, and happy attitude. Your goodwill toward everyone you encounter triggers a chain reaction of love, acceptance, and friendship. Your whole being radiates like sunshine, and others look up to you to lift their spirits.
  • Golden orange: Joy and creativity are what you wish to focus on at this point in time. Friendship, socializing, having fun, and being yourself are present goals most important to you now. You make your work and chores a pleasure and strive to enjoy every moment. You have a great sense of humor and laugh easily. Your life is a fun, creative project.
  • Orange: You can’t help expressing yourself creatively! You are an artist at heart and march to the beat of a different drummer. Right now, you are feeling powerful. You have energy, enthusiasm, confidence, and will to accomplish anything you desire. This is a time to “go for it.” If you have any original ideas or creative projects in mind, you need to begin them now! Orange is also the color of originality and independence.
  • Red/orange: Right now you are driven to express yourself! You want to bring out and promote your creative ideas and inspiration. You now have confidence and certainty to stand on your own and show the world who you are. “Creative” and “dynamic” would best describe you. You are a lively and entertaining companion and usually find yourself the center of attention in most social situations. You may be an inspired entertainer or artist or perhaps an entrepreneur with an original product. Whatever you do, people are entranced by your charisma and originality.
  • Orange/red: At this point in time, you are driven to bring out and promote your creative ideas and inspiration. You have the confidence and certainty to stand on your own and show the world who you are. “Creative” and “dynamic” would best describe you now. You may be an inspired entertainer or artist or perhaps an entrepreneur with an original product. Whatever you do, people are entranced by your charisma and originality.
  • Red: At this time, you are experiencing a time of challenge with an action-packed schedule, barely leaving you time to breathe, let alone sleep. You have a lot to do, and you have the energy and power to move mountains at this point in you life. You may find yourself acting as a dynamic leader or find yourself in the limelight or the center of attention. You are definitely being noticed. You have so much energy you sometimes don’t know what to do with it. You may exhaust the people around you with your incredible enthusiasm.
  • Infrared: You may be experiencing one of several things: you may be feeling stressed, unbalanced or most likely you are experiencing a time of intense activity, feeling powerful emotions to the extreme. You may be feeling so ambitious and full of energy that you may even forget to sleep. Your entire being is a volcano of passionate life force energy exploding in many directions. Your social life and career thrill and inspire you at the present time. With a band of this color arching above your head near the top of the photo, you aspire to have many exciting, adventurous, and passionate experiences.

Now called Aura Imaging, Coggins’ company produces cameras and computer systems used around the world. The company’s goal is to empower people with the knowledge that there is more to you than you know. You really are more than just “too solid flesh,” we are beings of light as well. Coggins and Aura Imaging are dedicated to educating people on this concept. If everyone were aware of the splendor and beauty of their own auras, they would not be afraid of the transition of death. Death is only a shedding of this body to free the soul, and its aura, into the next realm.


By: Susana Madden and Guy Coggins

Before Kissing

After Kissing

Wouldn’t it be exciting to tell at a first glance when meeting an attractive stranger what kind of lover, husband, or friend he may be? Is this handsome hunk a caring, honest, compassionate, potential family man? Could he be monogamous? Or is this cutie giving you the eye of a philandering rock ‘n roller, bedding down a different woman every night? Appearances, when meeting someone for the first time, are usually deceiving. Unless we are familiar with a person’s background, it usually takes quite a while to honestly know someone. On the other hand, one’s aura tells all. The aura, a field of energy that surrounds people and other living things does not lie or conceal. The beautiful colors in one’s auric field reveal a person’s true nature.
By taking thousands of photos, and asking many questions, I have found that the six basic colors seen in the aura correspond to six basic personality types, with each having a distinctive social and sexual style. Now, if you know what color his aura is, you’ll know what to expect from him! Do you want to be with a lusty, animalistic red? Or would you rather be with a supportive and sensitive blue? Here are the six basic colors along with their general descriptions. Please not that these descriptions do not always apply, but are generalities, or like tendencies. Life is always full of surprises, and anyone is capable of just about anything.

  • RED: Reds love sex. For them it’s a hearty, wanton, playful, and joyful physical release. Reds don’t necessarily need to be in love to enjoy sex, since the sheer physical pleasure is the most important thing. They are passionate lovers and are not afraid to fully experience their sexuality, and turn their fantasies into reality! Red signifies high energy, physical and emotional drive. If you want to have an exciting fling with a partner who takes control, choose red.
  • ORANGE: Oranges need space. If you’re consumed in your career or need a lot of time to yourself, choose an orange. An orange is fun when he’s around, and also loves adventurous, high energy sex like a red, but an orange will not be too demanding. Oranges are usually extremely independent, often athletic, and frequently need to take off on some high adventure to test the limits of their physical and mental strength. And orange might ask you to go sky diving or bungee jumping. Don’t expect monogamy from this one either. Oranges relish the thrill of seduction
  • YELLOW: Yellows love to sit around and discuss, theorize and analyze. You’ll often find them sitting in bohemian cafes, huddled around steaming espresso debating how to solve the problems of the world. To them, life is one great mental riddle, or crossword puzzle which can be ultimately solved in a logical and systematic manner. Innately curious, a yellow is always asking questions. Like Mr. Spock on Star Trek, their approach to life is primarily mental and cerebral. A yellow would probably rather discuss your political views on a first date than ravish your body. If you are turned on by intelligence, quick wit, and an optimistic attitude about life, go with Mr. Yellow.
  • GREEN: Marry a green. Greens come from the heart and their generosity and compassion know no limits. They are innately caring and tend to want to heal the world. Greens are often doctors, teachers, therapists, and social workers. They want to serve, and make the world a better place to live in. Greens make tender, loyal, caring lovers, as much concerned with your pleasure as with theirs. They tend to love children and animals, enjoy domesticity and family life. Greens are also ambitious and strive to reach the top of their field. Not only kind, this man is usually well-off financially, too.
  • BLUE: Blues are sensitive. They have great depth of feeling and crave intimacy and meaningful communication. They are often thoughtful and introspective. Not usually materialistic, a rich spiritual, contemplative and creative life is more important to them than monetary wealth. Above all, blues wish to be in loving, supportive relationships to which they can generously give and reveal themselves. With blues, love and sex go hand in hand. If you want to be with somebody who is true and emotionally there for you, choose a blue.
  • PURPLE: Expect the unexpected with a purple! These fascinating nonconformists live in the wonderful, wild worlds of their unlimited imaginations. Often purples would rather daydream and fantasize about sex, and play with erotic images in their heads rather than actually do it. Fantasy, role playing and fetishismare not out of the question for a purple. Purples, who tend toward passivity, usually enjoy physical intimacy only after they feel safe and trusting with a caring partner. If you want to take the lead in a relationship and explore the kinky side, then purple may be for you.

Continue reading the Auraphoto Workbook to learn more.




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