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Aura Equipment Financing

There are different models of financing which allow the purchase of Aura equipment:

1. Leasing
At this time we also offer a lease to own installment payment plan through Preferred Capital Corp. They have very reasonable interest rates and their plans are not difficult to qualify for. Their main requirement is that you have owned your own business for at least 6 months and also that you do not have any outstanding credit problems. Please call Ryan Hastings with your questions or for an application: 530-584-3110, or 1-800-995-6666. Credit cards now offer competitive and reasonable interest rates and are now much easier to acquire than ever before.

The least expensive loans may be found through credit unions. Also we do not lease out Coggins Aura Cameras, but we can arrange for a local camera owner to take aura photos at your store or event. Call Susana at 1-800-321-2872 and she can make referrals and arrangements for you.

Please refer your payment questions to Thavy at 650-261-0190, or Susana at 1-800-321-2872, or 650-261-0192. Also call Susana with your questions about the Aura Camera 6000 and software programs for Interactive and WinAura digital units. Susana can also send you the Preferred Capital leasing Co. application.

2. Financing by bank
You can contact your own bank on financing the aura camera.