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Aura Terms Dictionary

The Aura is an energy field that surrounds every living being. Being able to see your aura will allow you to gain insight into your thoughts and feelings. Being able to manipulate your aura will help you change those thoughts and feelings.

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Aura Photography
Seeing one's aura takes time and practice. You can circumvent this by taking a picture of one's aura. Aura Photography is the process involved in taking an aura photo; once the photo is taking, an analysis of one's aura is possible.

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Aura Camera (AuraCam 6000 / Coggins Camera)
An Aura Camera is what is used to take a picture of an Aura. At Aura Imaging, we have two products that does just that; the AuraCam 6000, also known as the Coggins Camera, as well as WinAura, which provides a live representation of the Aura.

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AuraCam 6000 / Coggins Camera

Method for displaying the aura in real time. See also WinAura.

Interactive I, II, II
DOS programs for interactive display of the aura on a computer screen. No video data is processed for it and no color printout is possible. Interactive III offers the possibility to printout an interpretation of the aura colors and can also display biofeedback graphs on the monitor. For video processing see WinAura.

Interactive Aura display
The technique of interactive aura display has developed from aura photography and so it has strong similarities with this technique. After bio parameters have been measured via the hand and a hand plate they are led to a computer and will be converted into the appropriate aura colors and displayed on a screen. The difference to aura photography is the following: Aura photography exposes the film for 5-6 seconds to all measured parameters coming into the aura camera. When doing interactive aura display every second the display is updated according to the information coming in from the measurement unit. This leads to significantly large changes and instability of the aura if the emotional state of being is not very balanced. Furthermore in contrast to photography also video data and print data is processed by the computer so that it is possible to see the video filmed person in his personal aura colors while he is speaking, making gestures or having a certain expression on his face. Generally the aura picture does change with every emotional or mental change of the customer. This enables one to experience directly energetic phenomena and use this for therapeutic means or the adjustment of personal vibrations.

Kirlian Photography
Not fully identical with aura photography. While aura photography only measure low frequency in the palms Kirlian photography measures high frequencies at hand palms and foot toes.

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WinAura - Aura Video
The low cost possibility to view the aura in real time and as a video picture on a computer screen. A Windows program analyses the input data and computes the aura colors. Possibility to print out and interpret the colors of the aura.

WinAura - Video Aura Station
This Windows 98 (or 2000, 2000 Pro, XP, XP Pro) program shows the colors of an aura around a person while they are in motion. The person places their hand on the aura sensor bio plate and immediately the world of auras can be explored. WinAura can generate a printout of the state of being with an analysis of the seen aura colors in a variety of languages. Display modes: Portrait, whole body aura with seven chakras and the upper half of the body, Seven Chakra resonant, Winstar view, and Holistic session: Video.