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(Article originally appeared in an unknown issue of The National Enquirer) [Download original article]

Sean's Aura Cloris' Aura

—— & learn about their secret personalities

SMILE! YOU'RE on Candid Aura Camera! Sexy actress Sean Young has Hollywood's strangest hobby — she takes photos of her co-stars' "auras."

The nonconformist star used a special $10,000 camera on the set of her latest film "The Amati Girls" to photograph faint electro­magnetic waves given off by the human body. She snapped her co-stars and interpreted the results.

"There is a special energy field which surrounds all of us, and my camera captures it," Sean explained in an exclusive ENQUIRER interview. "Our personalities are a reflection of our auras.

"The colors and energy patterns which surround us are a blueprint for our feelings, thoughts and physical well-being."

Sean — who sizzled her way to stardom opposite Kevin Costner in "No Way Out" — marveled at the aura photo she took of former "Mary Tyler Moore Show" star Cloris Leachman.

"Cloris — who plays my mother in 'The Amati Girls' — puts out a lot of energy and has a lovely aura, similar to that of a young girl, as my photo of her shows.

"The blue above her head means she's a good listener, peaceful, trustworthy and very reliable.

"The deep green on the right side means she spent a lot of money and the green on the left means money will soon be coming in.

Sean Young is a trained dancer who studied at the American Ballet school in New York.
"The yellow on Cloris' mouth means she is spontaneous, happy, playful and fun loving. The magenta in front of her face means she is a nonconformist, strong willed, very bright and tap dances to her own tune.

"The aqua above her head means she surrounds herself with music. The white above her head means she is highly motivated and an avid reader."

Young — who photographed the auras of the entire cast and crew — gave each their own photo and interpretation as her parting gift.

Shapely Sean also provided The ENQUIRER with her own aura photo — taken with her special camera — and her analysis of it:

"The orange above and on both sides of my head reveals my creative and artistic side.

"The emerald green on my right side shows money, prosperity and abundance.

"The cluster of yellow-orange to my right shows I'm happy and pay attention to details and I am very disciplined."

Sean reveals she by no means has run through her wish list for future aura models. "On top of my list are Harrison Ford, George Clooney, Hillary Clinton and my neighbor Tony Friedkin.

"It's a great hobby!"


SAY CHEESE! Sean Young uses a special $10,000 camera to snap a shot of Cloris Leachman's aura.
SAY CHEESE! Sean Young uses a special $10,000 camera to snap a shot of Cloris Leachman's aura.