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Orbs are appearing in countless photographs worldwide
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Have you taken photographs that show small orbs of light appearing in them?

They either look a bit transparent or are very visible. Some people assume they are dust, moisture, damaged lenses or other "logical" causes. But, there are others that believe that these orbs are spirits showing up in their photographs! These orbs are what baffle many a ghosthunter. They tend to not show up when consciously looking for them. And there is no definitive method for capturing these orbs on film. The scientific explanation of an orb is that they are energy sources that have attracted a larger density of free electrons around their outer mantle. This is what makes them visible to the eye. No one really knows what they are or why they exist. Some people postulate that they are spirits from the beyond. One of the leading Orb researchers is Dr. Klaus Heinemann, Ph.D. His orb research and photography has greatly increased what we know about Orbs. On his website, he has a working hypothesis for what they are.

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Orb Facts
  • Orbs are not explainable with conventional physics.
  • They are emanations from intelligent life outside the conventional physical realm.
  • They are abundantly around us (but we must use discernment)
  • They have individualistic features ("faces")
  • They have different intensities (some require digital image enhancement)
  • They can move extremely fast
  • They can follow instructions
  • They can expand (presumably to infinite size) and contract (presumably to atomic size) extremely fast.
  • Extreme contraction at infinite speeds allows the hypothesis that they may be instrumental in certain aspects of alternative/spiritual healing.
  • Thought projections look similar to orbs.

    The Ghost Lab Experiencee
    by: James Ralston, Aura Imaging Technician

    A cool rainy Chicago evening, I saw ghosts. Haunted and assaulted by spirits unknown and at least unidentifiable to me. Were they the ghosts of depression era gangsters? Or just malevolent spirits intent on causing harm. Perhaps even the after-aura of misery produced by past sinister deeds. All I know is that I felt the presence of evil, dark and terrifying, and Win Aura saw it too at the Liars here for more