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Aura Imaging July 2009 Newsletter  


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Dr. Theo's Healing Video

Dr. Theo Kousoulis D.C. CH.t. is a renowned chiropractic practioner in Beverly Hills California. He has pioneered the 'Kousali Method' - a whole-person approach to healing. Using Aura Imaging technology, you can see this healing power at work.

See Dr. Theo's Healing Video

Dr. Theo
310-274-6164 / 310-691-6868
9033 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 312
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

'He is LOVE...plain and simple, this man exudes LOVE. Few practitioners will ever understand how to heal others unless they know how to truly purely LOVE others, like he does. Dr.Theo is a special man with healing energy you can ACTUALLY FEEL'... ~JSaun85~ - Aug 21, 2008

The love that is Reiki, Healing Session

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