Aura Colors In the Work Place

Violet: Violets (Purple) are visionaries drawn to higher ideals. They can visualize a better world. Violets have a tendency to be quite fortunate and lucky with a good family, good life, good everything. They are usually pretty content with everything around them. A job to violets isnít a must have, but just something to keep their attention. However, most violets will have this color disappear once they start working in a highly stressful job for 4 to 8 weeks.

Lavender: Lavenders are people in love. They are average workers. Their brains are wired for romance. Lavenders are imaginative and sensitive. They are extremely whimsical and creative. Some occupations where they might excel are: childrenís author, artist, psychic, teacher, metaphysical writer, spiritualist, photographer.

Whites: White is the color of purity and spirituality. It is harmony and the blending of all colors and energy. It is looking at things from a spiritual perspective; it is intuition and spirit. Whites have spiritual ambition. In a fast paced job, whites need direction. If you do not manage them, most likely you will not see any accomplishment.

Whites are attracted to spiritual occupations, nonprofit foundations, as yoga instructors, religious gurus and wherever there is harmony and love.

Victor a successful entrepreneur uses his WinAura system to help screen and analyze potential new hires for the best fit within his corporate structure. He finds the color of the aura to be very helpful in selecting the right person for the right job


Notes: He will have them fill out an application, take an aura photo, and do an aura printout. While he is reading their application, he will hand them the aura printout. What he has found is that people will either say, how it describes them exactly, or not at all, which in reality, usually describes them very well.


The reds are very physical and focused on one particular job.

He likes to hire blues, because they will be given a task and then run with it.

Yellows and oranges are great on the phone, and have a lot of energy but donít really fit within his structure.