Oranges: Are very creative, they love challenges and excitement. Oranges are excellent strategists. Oranges are also bold and extremely resourceful, and love their freedom, and tend to be artistic. Orange people need constant challenges to work well. They are usually only willing to work on tasks that they feel are interesting. They also need to feel their boss is mentally stronger than they are for them to work diligently and loyally.

Yellows: Yellows are people with the most optimism. If you see a yellow, you can be 80% sure they will be a 'good employee'. They are mentally prepared to work, Most yellows have a lot of talent, so be sure to allow them a chance to show their talent and potential, and be careful not to micro-manage them. You might kill that internal flame of passion if you do!

Greens: Greens love their work and their career. Greens look at jobs as a challenge and will strive to be the best at what they do. Like yellows, do not micro-manage them! Greens love competition. They gravitate towards places of business where there is lots of power and money. They love to create plans, and organize development phases of work. They are quick to analyze a situation and find an innovative solution.

Blue: Blues are spiritual, kind, nurturing people. They are sensitive and loyal. They are also intuitive. Blues need to help others to feel fulfilled. Like greens, blues make excellent healers, doctors, therapists, surgeons, social workers, educators, religious workers, and metaphysicians. Blues are more emotional rather than rational or logical. Be careful when hiring blues. They might not be very productive in a highly stressful situation.


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