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Aura Colors In the Work Place
Volume 1 February 2009
New WinAura shows Guy flicking energy!

Victor, an entrepreneur and executive, talks about how he successfully uses the WinAura System to select employees for his advertising agency.

He interprets greens to be mentally and physically ready to work, and yellows to have the most optimism.  Yellows also take pride in their work

Victor is shown in greens and yellows, he owns an advertising company and a TV station. 

An extremely gifted and diverse entrepreneur, he talked about his interest in auras and his use of the WinAura system. He uses the system to help screen and analyze potential new hires for the best fit within his corporate structure.

Screening New Employee

A potential new employee is being screened during her interview.  The WinAura system is a wonderful management tool, for capturing the interests and dynamics of a person, illustrating their strengths and weaknesses.

Certain colors of the energy field that surround a person illustrate individual characteristics that show what they are most interested in and best suited for within his organization of different companies. He has found that this has proven to be a tried and true method that works reliably.

This helps to create a successful and happy atmosphere, which translates into a healthier enterprise.  This is what Victor discovered about the significance of the different colors in his company’s structure.

Reds are extremely physical:  They truly love power, and all that it brings.  They have an abundance of energy and verve.  They are courageous and loyal.  They are extremely stubborn and focus their energies in a very direct manner.  They are also inclined to be self-employed.  Reds gravitate towards physical types of occupations.  Some of their preferences are: football player, sports caster, athlete, rescue worker, fire safety worker, law enforcement, security, heavy equipment operator, pilot, mechanic, trucking, manual labor, promoter, entrepreneur, singer, acting.

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