*I Took In Over $1100 In My First Show! *

Fred Sayler - ROYGBIV Aura and Chakra Imaging

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My first Expo experience was a complete success!! The event was the first annual 'Mind Body Spirit Expo of Southern Arizona' and took place at the Sierra Suites Hotel in Sierra Vista, AZ, on the 27th of February, 2010. The event was from 10am on a Saturday, to 7pm, that same day. My friend Rick was there to help me get set up and enjoy the day's events.

Fred Sayler (Left) and Rick Kutzner (Right)

The booth was situated in the corner next to a woman who just happened to be able to read auras and chakras. My camera was set up so that I was the only person in the booth, except for the clients that came in, in front of the camera. The booth was 10’ by 7’, with a 6’ table. The hotel provided two VERY comfortable stools, which worked well for mounting the hand-sensors with Velcro. I did the single Aura Photo, the 7 Chakra w/graphs Snapshot and a 6-page WinAuraStar printout. I could see the images on the WinAuraStar screen, before the client got to see the developed film, AND, the client could see the computer screen, too!! I knew what their colors were before I saw the picture!!!

I priced the Aura Photo at $20, with the Snapshot and the WinAuraStar report at $20 also, or all three, for $50. There were absolutely no complaints about the pricing. I took 43 Aura Photos in the course of the day. Five people said they wanted the works and went for all three items. In fact, three people who wanted all three said they did not have the cash on hand and would need to go to the bank to get some. I told them I could take plastic and out came their cards. One quarter of my $1130 sales was in credit cards!

The biggest kick of the day, for me, was accommodating the two young ladies in wheel-chairs. All of a sudden Rick was pulling up the Duct Tape and Velcroe and moving things. When I saw what he was doing and why, I just started in. The way the lady maneuvered that unit into our little booth was simply amazing. I took the shot and it was incredible! A WHITE AURA!! Shortly after we put things back together again, we went through the same event, for another young lady. Just as rewarding. The intensity of the experience of showing someone their aura and chakras, for the first time, is quite profound.

Another interesting experience was to see a couple people with vary balanced chakras in their printouts of the Snapshot. It took me a little while to figure out that they had just come from an acupuncture session, right across the room. After that, I was able to notice this and mention it to the customer. They were amazed that I could tell they had just had some type of adjustment.

Made some money, had a great time, met some incredible people and feel like I provided something to people that they were really in search of. The Coggins Aura Camera 6000 and the WinAuraStar reporting program performed flawlessly. My thanks and compliments to Guy Coggins, Stephany Herkos and Colleen, for allowing me to participate in the Concious Life Expo at the LA Airport Hilton, at the beginning of February. I was able to observe and help a world-class team demonstrate some world-class technology, in a world-class environment. I can't wait for the next Expo!!

Fred and Rick - First Aura Photos

The following is the text from an article in the Online Sierra Vista Herald, Sunday, 28 Feb 2010, the day after the Expo.

Mind Body Spirit Expo, Sierra Suites, Sierra Vista, AZ 27 Feb 2010

SIERRA VISTA — Anyone looking to have their aura photographed or life line interpreted was in luck Saturday, as local practitioners of the metaphysical descended on Sierra Vista for the Mind Body Spirit Expo.

Organized by Kelly Jackson of the Blue Eyed Witch in Tombstone and Mushauld Smith, a Sierra Vista-based tarot card reader and spiritual minister, the expo was designed to raise local awareness of a variety of alternative, spiritual and homeopathic health practitioners and vendors. It included a broad range of vendors, including jewelry makers, reiki and acupuncture practitioners, musicians and others.

Among those in attendance were Rick Kutzner and Fred Sayler of Roy G Biv Aura and Chakra Imaging.

Standing beside a metal-encased device mounted on a tripod called a Coggins camera and wearing a white lab coat over a tie-dyed T-shirt, Sayler photographed those who wanted an image of their aura. Kutzner said the camera works by having the individual who is being photographed place his or her hands on two silver panels, which measure “galvanic skin resonance. “It picks up blood pressure, heart rate, your emotional state, as well as any nervous energy,” he said. An image of a young woman who just had her picture taken was surrounded by a deep crimson. Colors correspond to different emotions and personality traits.

In other areas of the expo, one could see a man in a foot reflexology session. Across the room and behind a drawn curtain came the sound of chimes as someone had their chakras balanced. Smith said he hopes the expo will result in renewed interest in the metaphysical and alternative health fields in the area. “We’d like to see this as a kind of rekindling of this type of activity,” he said.