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Aura Imaging Newsletter
April 2014

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Crop Circles and Auras
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Before looking at Crop Circles
Wilshire, 22 June 2003
After looking at Crop Circles

It is our goal at Aura Imaging Systems to continually look into new fields of study that relate to the human aura. We constantly seek out new research that expands our knowledge in order to pass new information along to those who already own aura cameras as well as those who are merely interested in the subject.

Recently, members of my staff and I had the opportunity to work with a number of notable researchers who have spent years studying the crop circle phenomenon. I would like to share my observations of that experience with you.

Whenever I look at photographs of Crop Circles, I find myself thinking that someone or something is trying to communicate with us. The peaceful sensation that one experiences while looking at or standing in a crop circle gives me the idea that whoever is making these Circles might be trying to send us some sort of harmonious energy. Perhaps, rather than trying to understand the meaning of Circles with our intellect we should be studying the effects the circles have on our emotions.

I came to the conclusion that perhaps this is the case after asking these researchers and others present to sit in front of the Coggins Aura Camera to see if there was a color shift. I was stunned to discover that there was, in fact, a definite color shift in each of the subject's auras that took place while looking at pictures of various authenticated crop circles. Having done a bit more research into the matter, I now feel that this will open a whole new avenue of research into the mystery of crop circles.

The research went as follows:

We took four Poloroid photos of Francine Blake, Coordinator Crop Circle Study Group, Producer Crop Circle Calendar. Photo 1 was taken before photo 2, which was the control photo that was taken a few minutes later. Photo 2 (the control photo) shows the same color and pattern thus demonstrating that the two similar photos show her aura is stable. Photo 3 was taken while she was looking at a photo of a Crop Circle taken at Morgan Hill UK. The photo shows a marked swing from Blue to Yellow. Photo 4, taken about 10 minutes later, shows her aura drifting back to her resonant color, which was Blue.

Francine Blake Before
Control Photo
While looking at photos of different Circles
a few minutes after

We took two WinAura photos of Laara K Maxwell, Ph.D. (no relation to Jordan Maxwell). Laara is a metaphysician with an interest in Crop Circles. Her first photo shows that her aura is Green. After looking at the July Circle seen in the 2004 Crop Circle Calendar, her color shifted to Orange. This appeared to be typical of the effect of concentrating on the Circles. The effect showed a stimulation of physical and mental energy.

Laara K Maxwell PhD. Before
While looking a photo of a Crop Circle

We took two WinAura photos of Dr. Eltjo Haselhoff Ph.D., a theoretical physicist who has published many scientific papers including a scientific paper related to crop circle phenomenon. Dr. Haselhoff is the author of the groundbreaking book "The Deepening Complexity of Crop Circles." Photo 1 shows his resonant yellow color indicative of intellect. We see a marked change in photo 2. Photo 2 reflects Orange while concentrating on a photo of a Circle. Again, this shows the stimulating effect the calendar page October Crop Circle has on his emotional makeup. www.deepeningcomplexity.com/

Dr. Eltjo Haselhoff Before
While looking a photo of a Crop Circle

The Research Continues . . .

We took two Poloroid aura photos of Beata Von Berkom, Medical Laboratory Technologist, Actress, Metaphysician, and field researcher working with the Canadian Crop Circle Research Network. Photo 1 shows Red, as she was excited about giving a lecture. Her color shifted dramatically to Blue when she looked at the calendar page of the June Circle showing a wave of relaxing energy.

Beata Von Berkom Before
While looking a photo of a Crop Circle

We took 6 WinAura photos of Jordan Maxwell, authority in the field of occult religious philosophy, expert on symbols and author of "Matrix of Power". www.jordanmaxwell.com/ Photo 1 shows Jordan's almost white aura showing a high degree of spiritual development. Photos 2 through 5 show him moving through the rainbow from White to Orange while concentrating on several Crop Circle pictures.

Jordan Maxwell: This spectacular series shows differing effects of different Crop Circles

Talk Show Host Views Crop Circles . . .

We took 2 WinAura photos of J.C Steel, talk show host, He shifted toward the blue while looking at a photo of a Circle.

J.C. Steel Before
While looking a photo of a Crop Circle

We took two Polaroid Aura photos of JeAnnine Veilleux, Metaphysical Painter and Crop Circle researcher. Her photos show a dramatic shift from Blue to brilliant Yellow while looking at a Crop Circle.

JeAnnine Veilleux Before
While looking a photo of a Crop Circle

It has been known for a nearly one hundred years that when two people who feel comfortable with each other are near each other their electrical skin resistance lowers, and a merging of their auras results. Looking only at the direction of color shift when we took 18 comparison photos, 3 comparisons showed a shift toward Violet, 2 showed no change, and 13 sessions showed a move toward Red. These results seem to overwhelmingly demonstrate that there is a consistent effect from viewing Circles. A color shift appears in a subject's aura photo. At this early stage of research, it would appear that viewing crop circles affects our aura in a manner that brings it into balance. Our research will continue using Coggins Camera systems from around the world to see if these results can be corroborated.

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