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Aura Imaging Newsletter
Oct 2013

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Schwarzenegger Soul Portrait by Una White
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What does Schwarzenegger’s Soul portrait say about him? Una shares her experiences:

"I was invited to paint Arnold's soul portrait in the garden of his newly opened museum, his former home, in Thal by Graz. We both come from the same town and share the same language, German.

"This portrait reveals Arnold's soft side, usually hidden from the public, but ready to emerge now. Blessed with great visionary and creative powers, a brilliant mind and strong determination, his presence radiates warmth and optimism. His deep love for nature and passion to save the earth's natural resources inspire him to co crate new networks and projects to explore and promote new technologies.

"Its time to follow and realize his heart's desires..."

Una's own aura photo reveals a lot about her and who she is; as you can see below, she has a very artistic aura!

Have Una do a soul portrait of you! Feel free to contact her below:

Una Jasmine White, M.F.A. PH.D.
Internationally renowned artistic medium/healer,
Transpersonal art-color-light therapist
Reiki master teacher

tel. 650 346 7571 / una_art@yahoo.com
231 Manor Drive, San Carlos CA. 94070
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