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June 2013

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John Bueche - The hands of God are with him, he heals without touching
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John Bueche:

The hands of God are with him
he heals without touching

Lost her sight but he was able to
help her recover her sight

Sleeps with his arms wide open
to release the excess energy.

Matthew 17:20 Jesus replied, "Because you have so little faith. I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you." are the palms of God really with him? And whether he can really treat without touching by gesturing his hands around the pain area by inches?

Then you feel that there is an interventional force of energy boarding and departing your body targeting the pain area, and you feel that pain gradually vanish.

He says that the hands of God are with him, and we as believers believe that the power of God was given to man since the creation and even till today. “Indeed, even the hairs on your head have all been counted!” (Matthew 10:30) meaning not one hair will fall off your head without the knowledge of God.

Who is John Bueche the healer with God's hands, and how he heals without drugs, without touching you, and without scanners and without X-rays and without narcotic drugs or anti-inflammatory drugs, but by circling his palms around the area of pain without touching.

His business card bears his name John Bueche the healer by God’s hand which he will heal you for a minimum donation or even free if you cannot afford a small offering.

Lebanon Time Magazine was impressed by his powers and determined to conduct this interview for the readers to learn that God is generous with his gifts to humanity.

In his own language and with a Texan accent John Bueche discloses to Lebanon Times Magazine his story on how he discovered he is a ‘Healer’.

“I was born in Wichita Kansas and moved to Houston in my early age and I think of myself as a native Houstonian. Healing people is not my main line of work. I work in the television field in TV shows and commercials, but since I have this gift I’d rather do that as I am supposed to be helping people and I believe that God have His way to make it happen”

John adjusts his posture and continue saying: “God is mad at me because I am not doing enough to help people, I do not know how to spread the word. Two years ago we were shooting a TV commercial and then this man comes up to me saying: Why aren’t you using the gifts I gave you? I turned around and faced him asking who told you to tell me this? And who are you? He answered: I do not know what it means and in a flash he disappeared.

John catches a quick sigh and continues: “How do I spread the word of my gift? I really do not know how. A woman in Galveston who owns a small business told me once that I should put my gift out there in helping people and another woman told me that if people knew about my gifts I will not be able to keep them away. You would think I will have a chance with churches and the clergymen and I have tried to offer my help to their congregation but I had a feeling they felt threatened because I will be interfering with what they do. People go to church to pray so let’s pray. I believe in God and I am a nondenominational and believe that God wants everybody to be healthy and wealthy. Another reason of not practicing in churches is that people expect it and they might have a fake feeling about being healed just like a placebo.

John trait now changed to a more serious demeanor: “How I discovered my gift? Well, seven people came to me on several occasions telling me to go to this chapel on Harwin. After a long thinking I decided to go. I was greeted by a woman ordained minister and she told me they do healings. At first I did not believe it and thought to myself I must be in the wrong part of town. She insisted on my attending those healing sessions taking place every Monday at 7:00 PM the sessions were free but offerings and donations were welcomed.

On Mondays the place filled up very quickly with all kind of people, rich, poor, blue collar and white collar figures. Healers worked on them for 20 minutes then told them what they found and asked them how they felt. Maria one of the healers worked on me although I am the biggest skeptic in the world I felt heat like a blow dryer around my neck. She started telling me what she saw. A policeman and that was my father, a black animal and that was my cocker spaniel that died a week ago, and she told me that she sees me being surrounded by many good people, so I became a Monday night regular.

On one night the minister told me that my turn to heal has arrived I said No way! Are you out of your mind? Under her insistence I treated a lady who then told me that her soreness is gone. Since then every Monday people would line up waiting for me. One Monday I was relieved for not doing this anymore when I found out the place had burnt down.

I treat all kind of pain and once I treated a woman for her pain, who had lost her eyes sight, and then while I was treating her husband I looked at her and her eyes were wide open and she told me that she could now see again. I treat all kind of pain except for broken bones but can help heal the pain associated with the fracture. I do not feel the pain of the patients while treating them as some people think it is a unique gift from God.

Being a believer I do pray sometimes while healing people you have to realize I am an extension cord with this gift flowing through me. I do not charge for my services but will accept a donation; I have bills to pay and expenses. I am not a doctor and do not pretend to be one. The healing can be permanent and I always advise for more than one 20 minutes session.

This gift is not inherited; I did not even know I have it. Now I have to put it to use and make it available to all those people who are in need in their homes but hoping one day I will have enough money to open a modest clinic.

His contact information: 281-686-8668, Email: jlbueche@comcast.net, Website: www.ahealer.com

(Article originally appeared in Lebanon Times Magazine, 2013, pages 43-45)

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