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Aura Imaging Newsletter
Spring 2012

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WinAura for Musicians and Music Healers
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Watch how music and sound affect the aura!

A wise man once said that "Music soothes the savage beast". So it makes sense that it would have an effect on the Aura as well, right? Well, with Aura Imaging's WinAura system, you don't need to guess if it's true, because you can SEE that it's true!

In 2002, Aura Imaging was prominently featured in a documentary by Mike Gordon called Rising Low; specifically, WinAura was used on many famous musicians—such as Les Claypool (from Primus), Phil Lesh (of the Grateful Dead) and Rocco Prestia (of Tower of Power fame)—in order to see, among other things, how music affected their auras.

Rocco Prestia's aura Phil Lesh's aura

It goes without saying that their base guitar tunes and soothing melodies had a profoundly positive effect on their auras; in the video below, you can see Phil Lesh and Rocco Prestia's auras change in real time in response to the music they're playing. The video also includes other musicians playing other forms of music, showing how ALL kinds of music—apart from rock music—can have a positive effect on one's Aura.

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But this is merely the tip of the iceburg. You can use WinAura as a way to see the healing energy from all kinds of music and enable you to strengthen your aura healing abilities by simply "soothing ALL savage beasts". On top of WinAura, Aura Imaging has other software which can complement WinAura in its ability to see the changes music makes in one's aura. WinAura can also be used to see the audiences' auras and how they can connect with the musician's auras, making for a most spectacular interactive experience!

If you're interested in seeing the effects of music on the aura through the eyes of WinAura, feel free to give Susan a call to schedule a demo at 1-800-321-2872!

To learn more about Aura Imaging and WinAura in general, please visit our website at www.AuraPhoto.com or email Guy Coggins at infoauraphoto.com.

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