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Aura Imaging Newsletter
May 2012

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The Five Elements Made Visible With WinAuraStar
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Watch how healing affects the aura!

Ever heard about the five elements in Chinese medicine? This is an energetic system which shows the general balance or dysbalance between emotions and even inner organs! With Aura Imaging's WinAuraStar system it's under your fingertips!

The five elements consist of Wood (Green), Fire (Red), Earth (Yellow), Metal (White) and Water (Blue). Anger is associated with Wood, energy and aggression with Fire, melancholy with Earth, Grief with Metal and Fear with Water. At the same time the elements might also effect the inner organs associated with them: Wood belongs to gallbladder and liver, Fire to heart and small intestine, Earth to spleen and stomach, Metal to lungs and large intestine and Water to kidneys and bladder.

Now let us have an example to demonstrate:

Andreas´aura before healing

See these two photos made with the WinAuraStar program. You can easily see the dysbalance in the photo before the healing:

The upper left corner is faded out a little bit. At the same time you see a dysbalance of the five element energy in the five element histogram because metal and earth are too low and wood and fire are too strong.

Andreas´aura after healing

What did it look like after the healing? The auraphoto now looks fine and at the same time you see in the histogram that the five elements have aligned to each other: Earth and metal have grown while wood and fire have been diminished.

And it is EASY! Just start WinAuraStar, put your patient's hand onto the handplate and have the five element situation diagnosed in a matter of seconds!

WinAura Star Screen

If you're interested in seeing the effects of a healing session on the five elements through the eyes of WinAuraStar, feel free to give Susan a call to schedule a demo at 1-800-321-2872!

To learn more about Aura Imaging and WinAura in general, please visit our website at www.AuraPhoto.com or email Guy Coggins at info@auraphoto.com.

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