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Aura Imaging Newsletter
March 2012

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Affirmations Of Wholeness by Stephanie Patterson, MA, MFT
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I know, with unquestioning Faith, [that] God reveals more and more wholeness to me. - Stephanie A. Patterson, MA, MFT

Affirmations Of Wholeness by Stephanie Patterson, MA, MFT

Stephanie Patterson's book, Affirmations Of Wholeness - Meditations, Prayers and Mantras, is a wonderful combination of prayers, medidations, thoughts and observations about the grand yet mysterious world that exists before us. Along with each page of prayer is a selection of Aura photos, showing people radiating their most precious and intimate of colors as equally wonderous thoughts flow through their minds.

This book is an amazing read, especially if you're looking for a very relaxing look into the inner mind of the universe, God's will and the meaning of even your own aura colors.

To learn more about this book, check out Stephanie's website at StephanieAPatterson.com, or call her at 805-967-5850 during appropriate hours, Pacific time. Stephanie's book can also be found at various bookstores, which are also listed on her website, and Stephanie will be doing a book signing this June at the International New Age Trade Show (INATS West) in Denver, Colorado.

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