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Aura Imaging Newsletter
Dec 2012

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Taking Aura Imaging to a new dimension:

Adding sound to Aura Imaging is a form of Sonification. Sound helps us to better understand what the aura means. We all instinctively know what the colors and sounds mean. Using our Aura Imaging technology we can show an individual where their strengths and weakness lie.

Make you own biofeedback sound tracks:

With our new program you can use the sound tracks provided or you to create your own sound tracks. With minimal effort, you can add sounds that will resonate with the individuals energy field. Alternatively you can create sounds that will balance the aura and bring the individual to a more balanced state.

Ideal for the Music Therapist:

Our program adds a new dimension to music therapy. We can show the effects sound has in the aura. If a person is in an agitated state they will likely have warm colors in there aura. After listening to relaxing music there aura will tend to move to the cooler colors.

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