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Aura Imaging Newsletter
April 2012

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Near Death Aura
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The auras of a patient who, it was said, was on the edge between life and death... I wonder what these colors mean?

One of the question that I have been asked the most has been about the nature of auras during death. Does it change colors? Do the colors intensify or fade away? Or does it disappear completely? Unfortunately, when it comes to our culture and death, there is no easy way to answer this, and you can understand the moral and practical difficulties in trying to find out to begin with. In fact, I had some major reservations in sharing these photos with you... but I did get the permission from a close relative to this patient to reveal these pictures to you, obviously with their identity obscured for her protection.

These pictures in question were taken only shortly before her passing; the one on the left was taken a couple days beforehand, while the one on the left was taken only minutes prior. I do not know what system was used to take these photos, however the images do seem to reveal an important fact, one that many may have expected: the aura does seem fade and disappear the closer one gets to death. And apparently, after death the aura does disappear all together (although, unfortunately, we have no after pictures of this).

I have taken many aura photos over the years and have observed the auras of people from all walks of life. When we enter life, our auras tend to be warm colors--children have exceptionally vibrant red auras... but as we age, our auras tends to move towards cooler colors (greens, blues and purples). As you can see above, the photo taken days before passing shows that she has a bright green aura, which is likely her resonate color that she had most of her life. However, in the photo taken just before her death, her aura had changed from green to blue (which, interestingly enough, also showed in the photo taken days before as well). Finally, you can also see the blue aura lifting away from her body as it begins to fade into eternity.

Death is something that we experience in our lives, whether it's the death of friends, family, pets... or finally ourselves. Death is also the greatest mystery of our personal lives, something we can ever directly experience... or something we can never tell anyone about. However, we sometimes can get a window into this mysterious world, whether it be from a direct personal encounter with a love one that has passed, or returing from the very grip of death itself. In this case, we can also learn about the life beyond life through the interpretation of the auras of those who have passed on. Unlocking why the aura does what it does during death may also means unlocking the clues about death itself.


Guy Coggins
Aura Imaging

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