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Aura Imaging Newsletter
Winter 2011

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Auras In 3D!
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As 3D technology becomes more and more commonplace--in our movies, computers, phones, television sets and even video games--it doesn't gake a genius to see that it's going to be the next big thing to happen, just like the switch from black-and-white television to color television.

Fortunately Aura Imaging is on top of this trend and is working to bring to you all the wonder and fascination of 3D technology to the world of auras! But don't think you need to go out and get a new 3D computer monitor just yet if you want to see it; Aura Imaging's foray into this new world can be seen by anyone on any computer monitor!


Here at Aura Imaging, we're working on a few new products in order to bring 3D Auras to everyone. Not only are we working on a new version of WinAura which allows you to see your aura on a 3D computer-generated model, complete with your face on that model, but we are also working on a fresh new approach to 3D visuals called WiggleVision!

WiggleVision is a unique process that allows you to view psudo-3D images on a standard 3D monitor. NO 3D glasses are needed to see this, and you don't need a special 3D monitor to see it; instead, the 3D-ness of WiggleVision can be seen on ANY computer monitor. Check out our example below!

Wigglevision Example

Clicking on the image above will also show you a video of some more examples of our WiggleVision process as well as a demonstration of our 3D Aura application which will eventually be incorporated into WinAura itself!

Now as you can see in the image above; the 3D process isn't exactly like the 3D you see in the movies. Instead, it's a process of creating an illusion of 3D by wiggling an image back-and-forth at such a speed that your brain is tricked into "seeing" the image in 3D. This is still a work-in-progress, as we are still working on perfecting the technique in order to attain the highest quality 3D-effect for the most number of viewers. We are confident in it and we hope to eventually also incorporate it into WinAura in the future.

However, for the moment, imagine yourself looking at your own aura in this way: not as a static image or an interpretation of your aura superimposed over a webcam video, but in a way similar to how aura readers and psychics see your aura... live, in three dimensions and surrounding your entire body. What more can you ask for??

But, again, this process is still a work-in-progress and we hope to perfect it so that it's easier for people to see and in higher quality too. As such, we are VERY interested in your feedback! If you have any suggestions or ideas, feel free to email us at auraimaging@@@yahoo.com with your comments or questions! We want to create the most perfect application for our customers--YOU--and the only way to make it the best is with your feedback!

Another Wigglevision Example

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We look forward to hearing all your questions and comments about WiggleVision, or 3D Auras and/or our other amazing products and services at Aura Imaging!)

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