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Fall 2011

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Auras and Orbs and Ghosts, OH MY!
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Just what exactly is going on with these mysterious Orbs thar are found in people's Aura photos??


Read about an Aura Imaging Technician's experience with a ghost in Chicago and how the crew from The Discovery Channel's Ghost Lab helped out!

Orbs Are Appearing in Countless Photographs Worldwide... but WHY??
Just WHAT are these orbs??
Just WHAT are these orbs??
(These orbs appeared in a WinAura Session; click here to see the video!)
Orbs can appear anywhere, at any time...
Orbs can appear anywhere, at any time...

Have you taken photographs that show small orbs of light appearing in them?

They either look a bit transparent or are very visible. Some people assume they are dust, moisture, damaged lenses or other "logical" causes. But, there are others that believe that these orbs are spirits showing up in their photographs! These orbs are what baffle many a ghosthunter. They tend to not show up when consciously looking for them. And there is no definitive method for capturing these orbs on film.

The scientific explanation of an orb is that they are energy sources that have attracted a larger density of free electrons around their outer mantle. This is what makes them visible to the eye. No one really knows what they are or why they exist.

Some people postulate that they are spirits from the beyond. One of the leading Orb researchers is Dr. Klaus Heinemann, Ph.D. His orb research and photography has greatly increased what we know about Orbs. On his website, he has a working hypothesis for what they are.

But to this very day, however, the existance and meaning of these orbs elude even the most experienced scientists, aura readers and psychics. But there do exist, and they are real; the clues that solves this mystery once and for all may just end up be in your next Aura photgraph!

Orb Facts
  • Orbs are not explainable with conventional physics.
  • They are emanations from intelligent life outside the conventional physical realm.
  • They are abundantly around us (but we must use discernment)
  • They have individualistic features ("faces")
  • They have different intensities (some require digital image enhancement)
  • They can move extremely fast
  • They can follow instructions
  • They can expand (presumably to infinite size) and contract (presumably to atomic size) extremely fast.
  • Extreme contraction at infinite speeds allows the hypothesis that they may be instrumental in certain aspects of alternative/spiritual healing.
  • Thought projections look similar to orbs.
Further Orb Info!

To learn more about this amazing and awesome phenomena, check out some of these links!

What the---? Where'd those HANDS come from?!
The Ghost Lab Experience
by: James Ralston, Aura Imaging Technician

Outisde of the Liars Club
A cool rainy Chicago evening, I saw ghosts. Haunted and assaulted by spirits unknown and at least unidentifiable to me. Were they the ghosts of depression era gangsters? Or just malevolent spirits intent on causing harm. Perhaps even the after-aura of misery produced by past sinister deeds. All I know is that I felt the presence of evil, dark and terrifying, and Win Aura saw it too at the Liars Club in Chicago.

At the request of The Discovery Channel I agreed to meet the crew of a new program they were filming on location at a seedy tavern near the downtown. The production staff were very excited about my appearance, and were eager to see how the Win Aura system could benefit their investigation into the paranormal.

The tavern was an old depression era hangout of many notorious gangsters of the past and numerous archived FBI wanted photos adorned the tavern walls. Outside the area was unusually dimmer than the rest of the city. A cold murky alleyway lead to behind the pub, where the Ghost Lab crew was eagerly awaiting my arrival.

I was introduced to the lead producers and directors immediately. They took me inside their unique trailer, where equipment even I could not recognize was scattered about. Large electronic panels, gigantic monitors and several sensitive sensor devices were resting on a large white table inside the trailer. I was asked briefly a few questions about the Win Aura system, regarding mainly how easy it was to use and what I thought I could help them find.

They escorted me inside the taverns back door, I noticed immediately the place had a powerful dark presence about it. A dusty fog permeated the dark room of the main social area. The sounds of the squeaky floor echoed throughout the building as we walked slowly towards the stairs. The stairwell was pitch black and very long with a steep incline. As I approached the second floor I knew I was into something that might even be a bit over my head and beyond my experiences.

Inside the Liars Club
I was introduced to the two stars of the program, the brothers Brad and Barry Klinge. Both were hefty gentlemen in their early 40's, polite and charismatic, I shook their hands as we stood in the game room, that was not so long ago the place of several despicable murders.

The room apparently was a private area, intended for the Chicago bigwigs. Corrupt politicians, hit men, bootleggers and gangsters of our nations past would often meet here, to discuss the days deeds, share a drink, gamble or in some cases, murder. I was asked several questions about auras, and spiritual energy, then asked to explain what one might expect to see in an aura at a location such as this. After a brief explanation of spiritual energies, ghosts, and orbs they requested I setup the equipment so they could evaluate before filming.

I placed my laptop on a small table near a window, I felt several cold chills come over my body, as an almost unbearable but brief feeling of foreboding and fear suddenly assaulted my consciousness. As I opened the clam-shell laptop, I heard the muttered sounds of a noisy room. At the time I chalked it up to background noise of the city and crew, but as I paid more attention I observed everybody was dead silent.

As the equipment was setup, we discussed proper camera positioning and what sort of lighting the room would have. It was then that I was directed towards a window behind me. It was covered in a murky dew, very cold to the touch and difficult to see through, although the gentle moonlight seemed to become exceptionally luminescent as it met the windows opening.

"You're standing right where a man met a particularly horrible fate" Brad said to me. Curious but slightly intimidated I asked for more information. "They chopped him up, with an ax, slowly as he laid on the table you just put your laptop on. Then, piece by piece they tossed him out the window leaving most of him still alive during the entire time." A bit more disturbed than curious, I declined to ask who exactly did the chopping and who died. Something was speaking to me subconsciously, I although I didn't have any specific details such as a name or a face, I somehow knew, just who that who was.

We began scanning the area with our Aura Camera, which Brad frequently would incorrectly refer to as a Bio Cam. I scanned around the room, noticing shoots of red energies darting around in swirls as it blinked and flashed away. They asked me to explain what all that was, as they requested to know if it was a spirit. I said it'd be incorrect to call it a spirit just yet, using the term spirit implies an identity, it'd be more accurate to refer to it as energy right now, as it may be several spirits or energies acclimated into one powerful entity.

Then the moment of truth came, I was asked to scan the window with Win Aura. First I passed the camera over to it, and we all immediately noticed the camera picked up a bright glowing energy, surrounded by a foggy black haze. The haze fluctuated in a series of waves that would crash against the bright light, then dissipate into a foggy mist as it floated upward out of view. We were all taken back, by this sight, as it was unlike anything I or they had ever seen before.

Ghost Lab Van
Brad requested to have his aura photo taken in front of the window, I feeling a slight but terrified but still curious agreed. He sat down, and placed his hand on the plate facing the camera. We first noticed bright flashes of yellow through his aura with mixtures of red and white. Noting that hey was a very passionate individual, who also had a deep affinity for the supernatural. Soon thereafter though, the black fog surrounding the window slowly crept towards Brad. We noticed its growing intensity and he complained he was starting to feel anxious and cold. Being a brave ghost investigator, he insisted upon staying in the location as long as he could take it, so that we could get as much footage as possible.

The black aura crept bit by bit until it danced around Brad's face, behaving as a curious spirit it probed him in bits. Barry asked brad to channel his intensity and chase the entity away. Brad nodded and closed his eyes, and begin trembling before loudly bellowing outward. It was amazing! The camera picked up a shock wave emanate outward from Brad's body, a powerful white flash completely wiped clean away the black fog around Brad, and he returned to his normal colors.

That was just the first of several experiences with the Ghost Lab team filming for The Discovery Channel, be sure to watch the episode I discussed when you get a chance! Read below on how to watch the episode online...!)

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