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Aura Imaging Newsletter
August 2011

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Auras In The Workplace
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Victor, an entrepreneur and executive, talks about how he successfully uses the WinAura System to select employees for his advertising agency.

He interprets greens to be mentally and physically ready to work, and yellows to have the most optimism. Yellows also take pride in their work

Victor is shown in greens and yellows, he owns an advertising company and a TV station.

An extremely gifted and diverse entrepreneur, he talked about his interest in auras and his use of the WinAura system. He uses the system to help screen and analyze potential new hires for the best fit within his corporate structure.


A potential new employee is being screened during her interview. The WinAura system is a wonderful management tool, for capturing the interests and dynamics of a person, illustrating their strengths and weaknesses.

Certain colors of the energy field that surround a person illustrate individual characteristics that show what they are most interested in and best suited for within his organization of different companies. He has found that this has proven to be a tried and true method that works reliably.

This helps to create a successful and happy atmosphere, which translates into a healthier enterprise. This is what Victor discovered about the significance of the different colors in his company’s structure.

Reds are extremely physical: They truly love power, and all that it brings. They have an abundance of energy and verve. They are courageous and loyal. They are extremely stubborn and focus their energies in a very direct manner. They are also inclined to be self-employed. Reds gravitate towards physical types of occupations. Some of their preferences are: football player, sports caster, athlete, rescue worker, fire safety worker, law enforcement, security, heavy equipment operator, pilot, mechanic, trucking, manual labor, promoter, entrepreneur, singer, acting.
Oranges: Are very creative, they love challenges and excitement. Oranges are excellent strategists. Oranges are also bold and extremely resourceful, and love their freedom, and tend to be artistic. Orange people need constant challenges to work well. They are usually only willing to work on tasks that they feel are interesting. They also need to feel their boss is mentally stronger than they are for them to work diligently and loyally.
Yellows: Yellows are people with the most optimism. If you see a yellow, you can be 80% sure they will be a 'good employee'. They are mentally prepared to work, Most yellows have a lot of talent, so be sure to allow them a chance to show their talent and potential, and be careful not to micro-manage them. You might kill that internal flame of passion if you do!
Greens: Greens love their work and their career. Greens look at jobs as a challenge and will strive to be the best at what they do. Like yellows, do not micro-manage them! Greens love competition. They gravitate towards places of business where there is lots of power and money. They love to create plans, and organize development phases of work. They are quick to analyze a situation and find an innovative solution.
Blue: Blues are spiritual, kind, nurturing people. They are sensitive and loyal. They are also intuitive. Blues need to help others to feel fulfilled. Like greens, blues make excellent healers, doctors, therapists, surgeons, social workers, educators, religious workers, and metaphysicians. Blues are more emotional rather than rational or logical. Be careful when hiring blues. They might not be very productive in a highly stressful situation.
Violet: Violets (Purple) are visionaries drawn to higher ideals. They can visualize a better world. Violets have a tendency to be quite fortunate and lucky with a good family, good life, good everything. They are usually pretty content with everything around them. A job to violets isn’t a must have, but just something to keep their attention. However, most violets will have this color disappear once they start working in a highly stressful job for 4 to 8 weeks.
Lavender: Lavenders are people in love. They are average workers. Their brains are wired for romance. Lavenders are imaginative and sensitive. They are extremely whimsical and creative. Some occupations where they might excel are: children’s author, artist, psychic, teacher, metaphysical writer, spiritualist, photographer.
Whites: White is the color of purity and spirituality. It is harmony and the blending of all colors and energy. It is looking at things from a spiritual perspective; it is intuition and spirit. Whites have spiritual ambition. In a fast paced job, whites need direction. If you do not manage them, most likely you will not see any accomplishment. Whites are attracted to spiritual occupations, nonprofit foundations, as yoga instructors, religious gurus and wherever there is harmony and love.

Victor a successful entrepreneur uses his WinAura system to help screen and analyze potential new hires for the best fit within his corporate structure. He finds the color of the aura to be very helpful in selecting the right person for the right job

Notes: He will have them fill out an application, take an aura photo, and do an aura printout. While he is reading their application, he will hand them the aura printout. What he has found is that people will either say, how it describes them exactly, or not at all, which in reality, usually describes them very well. After his experiences with his employees and their auras, he has noticed several things about the two that has helped him out. For example:
• Reds are very physical and focused on one particular job.
• Blue will be given a task and then run with it.
• Yellows and oranges are great on the phone, and have a lot of energy.

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