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Nov 2010

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Aura Imaging Showcase: Una White
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Dr. Una White, MFA, Ph.D. Art Therapist & Reiki Master

Dr. White, Art Therapist
An example of Una's artwork
(Every so often, we here at Aura Imaging will showcase one of our more prominent and important WinAura and/or Aura Cam users in our Aura Imaging Showcase, sharing stories about who they are and the contibutions they bring to the world of Aura Photography. The next Showcase could cover you!)

Una White is an internationally renowned artistic medium, with 25 years experience as a transpersonal art therapist, relationship facilitator, lecturer and reiki master/teacher.

Blessed with the ability to contact both the physical and the spiritual realms, Una White has served as the connection and medium between both worlds in ways never before witnessed. Through this connection with the various interdimensional realities, combined with her prowess as both an artist and an aura healer, Una has created several important pieces of artwork that illustrate the astonishing dexterity and strength she wields. All of Una's capabilities and incredible talent work to enhance one another, and goes to prove to everyone that she is more than merely the sum of her parts! The video link above shows the process of how she creates her beautiful pieces of art!

To learn more about Una White, visit her website at: www.UnaArtHealingLight.com; there you will be able to see more of her artwork and some of her lectures, lessons and writing!

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The effects a crystal has on an aura
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