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Una White is an internationally renowned artistic medium, with 25 years experience as a transpersonal art therapist, relationship facilitator, lecturer and reiki master/teacher. With her help, she can help you and your website reach thousands of new potential visitors in no time!

Increase traffic to your site by making a WinAura video of your subtle healing energy service or product, as well as by crosslinking with Una and her website!
The effects a crystal has on an aura
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WinAura has the ability to see the minute changes that occur in one's mind, body and soul as reflected by their aura. Therefore, WinAura is the PERFECT tool to show the effects that your subtle healing energy service or product has on a person's Aura! You can then get a video copy of your product's sessions in WinAura, which can then be uploaded to video sites like YouTube.
Better yet, we can also upload the video of your WinAura session on OUR YouTube page! Our YouTube account is the hottest aura-related video account on ANY video site, with our combined video view totalling over 1 million!
Check out some example videos of customers and their products or service as seen through WinAura:
Wellness WandCoconut BlissEnergy Boost 70
This could be YOU on YouTube, but only if you give us a call or reply to this email and schedule a WinAura Session!
See your energy flow!
Watch this video on YouTube!
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Chiropractic Crosslink LetterUna White's websiteThe Aura Imaging website
Contact Una White at her website or Guy Coggins at Aura Imaging in order to crosslink with either or both!

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