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How to Upload WinAura Videos to YouTube

Ever wanted to share your WinAura videos to people, but hate having to lug around the CD that it's on? Well, here's a quick and easy HOW TO guide on uploading your WinAura videos to YouTube in order to share it with everyone!

But first, here's what you need:

  • Your WinAura video CD (that is to say, the CD that was made of your WinAura session)
  • A YouTube account (if you don't have a YouTube account, click here in order to sign up for one!)

Are you read? Here we go!


STEP ONE: Insert your WinAura session CD into your computer.

Immediate after inserting your CD, your video will play at full screen. To close the video and continue on, press the "ESC" key on your keyboard in order to take the video out of full screen mode:
IMage of the Esc key on the keyboard

Then, click on the close button to close your window.
Screenshot of where the close button can be found in a window


STEP TWO: Go to in any web browser and log into your YouTube account, if you haven't already.

To do so, click on the "Sign In" link found on the upper-right hand corner of any YouTube page. If you need help signing in, or have any other issues with signing into YouTube, click here!
Screenshot of where the 'Sign In' link can be found in YouTube


STEP THREE: Go to the "Video File Upload" page.

To do so, click on the "Upload" link found on the upper-right hand corner of any YouTube page.
Screenshot of where the 'Upload' link can be found in YouTube


STEP FOUR: Now that you're in the Video File Upload page, begin uploading your video!

To do so, click on the "Upload Video" link found on the upper-right hand corner of any YouTube page.
Screenshot of where the 'Upload' link can be found in YouTube

A new window titled "Select file(s) to upload by" will appear.
Screenshot of the window that appears after clicking in 'Upload Video'.

From there, click on the pull-down menu next to "Look in:" and find and click on your CD. It's usually labeled with the date you made your CD.
Screenshot showing where you can easily find your WinAura CD

Once you're inside your CD, double click on the file "WinAuraSession.avi" in order to begin uploading it!
Screenshot showing you the file 'WinAuraSession.avi'.


STEP FIVE: And you're done!

While the video is uploading, you can edit the video's information, which can be found in the "Video information and privacy settings" section:
Screenshot of YouTube uploading process

It's fairly self explanitory...
TITLE is the title of the video.
DESCRIPTION is a little story or other important piece of information about the video you're uploading.
TAGS are single words seperated by spaces which people can search for in order to find your video. For example, if you fill in the words
"aura winaura julie" in the "Tags" box, your video will appear if someone searches for "julie aura" or "winaura of julie".
CATEGORY is where you select one of the pre-set categories that you can list your video under.
PRIVACY are the settings you can use to either make your video available to all to see, or to make it private for only friends to see, or only yourself.

When you're done editing, you can click "Save changes".

Once the video is done uploading, it'll give you some links you can use to share your video with:
Screenshot of the links YouTube give you once you're done

In the "Sharing options" section, there are two boxes:
URL is the link you can use in any web browser to watch your video at; this is the one you can also stick in your emails or text/instant messaging that people can click on to watch your video.
EMBED is the code you can use to put your video into your own website; such that, after you add it to your site, anyone who visits your site can watch the video as well.


Enjoy your WinAura video on YouTube!

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