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Aura Photographs Reveals Beloved Mother!

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"This Is My Mother and My Aura Photograph."

"My face is located behind the violet color in the middle of the bottom of the photograph. (see the whole aura photo here) My clothes were covered with a black cape and I had a black background.

Clearly you can see my dear Mother, who not only had pure white hair, but was wearing a green dress and a necklace at her funeral! What an amazing discovery! I always feel that she is with me, and now, thanks to God allowing me to see this and being blessed to have a special Guy Coggins 6000 Aura Camera, I have proof!"

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"The Aura Detective"

"This is Rev. Phyllis Angel Banner, Aura Detective. Guess what? I was taking pictures of my neighbors and then asked them to take a picture of me with my 6000 aura camera that Guy Coggins created. It is amazing what happened.

My Mother's Aura is in my Aura Photo! Check it out! It is really comforting to actually see her with me. I always feel her presence, it is like she is doing everything with me and I rarely feel like I am alone as a result. But, I thought that was just part of my grieving process, since she passed away in June, 2003.

I don't have a picture of her wearing the green dress that she was wearing at her funeral, but do have this picture of her instead which shows you the outline of her head and neck features easily for you to see in the Aura Photo as well.

This Photo has confirmed that my Mother really is still with me and I find that such a comfort because we were so close. It took me a year to make a swedish weave blanket for her that she loved, that I poured alot of love into, while making it for her.....and covered her body in the coffin with it. When she was buried, I was in a panic and felt like I was buried too. Perhaps she is with me now because of the blanket I made that is lying on top of her or hopefully, because I loved her so much that I became her caregiver in the end.

Just before she died, she called me "Mommy" and said that she loved me."



Are "Orbs" Appearing In Aura Photographs?

red orb

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The Imaging Process (.doc)

Photographing Spirit Emanations: Physical Evidence of Divine Presence by Klaus Heinemann, 2006

Orbs are appearing in countless photographs worldwide!

Have you taken photographs that show small orbs of light appearing in them? They either look a bit transparent or are very visible. Some people assume they are dust, moisture, damaged lenses or other "logical" causes. But, there are others that believe that these orbs are spirits showing up in their photographs!

These “orbs” are what baffle many a ghosthunter. They tend to not show up when consciously looking for them. And there is no definitive method for capturing these orbs on film. The scientific explanation of an “orb is that they are energy sources that have attracted a larger density of free electronis around their outer mantle.This is what makes them visible to the eye. No one really knows what they are or why they exist. Some people postulate that they are spirits from the beyond.

One of the leading Orb researchers is Dr. Klaus Heinemann, Ph.D. His orb research and photography has greatly increased what we know about Orbs. On his website, he has a working hypothesis for what they are:

"Orbs are not explainable with conventional physics.
They are eminations from intelligent life outside the conventional physical realm.
They are abundantly around us (but we must use discernment)
They have individualistic featres ("faces")
They have different intensities (some require digital image enhancement)
They can move extremely fast
They can follow instructions
They can expand (presumably to infinite size) and contract (presumably to atomic size) extremely fast.
Extreme contraction at infinite speeds allows the hypothesis that they may be instrumental in certain aspects of alternative/spiritual healing.
Thought projections look similar to orbs. "

- H
einemann, PhD. 2006

It's certainly intriguing , so we want to offer you a chance to see some of the pictures we have seen that feature these mysterious "Orbs". Check out the article on the right: Photographing Spirit Emanations, by Klaus Heinemann. It's full of fantastic Orb images and enlightening information. And don't forget to check your own aura photographs for Orbs!

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