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Dr. Gokhale

Dr. Subhas Gokhale is an eye surgeon. He has been in practice since 1968 an in the past has been an assistant professor at Nair Hospital, and assoicate professor at Sian Hospital and head of the department at the Rajiv Gandhi Medical College. Now, he only devotes one day a week to hiis hospital in Prabhadevi, Mumbai, and spends most of his time studying , teaching Reiki to tohers and finding ways to document its effects fro the benefit of disbelieving members of the medical community.

Included are articles about Dr. Subhas Gokhale's quest to convince askeptical medical community about the benefits of Reiki. Also include is an article from Holistic Healing from June of 2000, Pthotgraphs of a Reiki session involving eye conditions, an article on Reiki healing of plants and a video you can view of Dr Gokhale healing and working with the mobility aid for the blind.