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Aura Imaging - Reiki Energy Balancing Reiki Energy Balancing

See the effect of Reiki energy balancing on the aura using WinAura Helping Hand technology!




We can make accessable our Healing Hand system to any Reiki workers. Please make an appointment and bring a blank video tape if you want a copy of your session. For more information, click here to contact us.

The WinAura System

Making The Invisible Visible

Dr. Gokhale, M.D. and Reiki healer, sending his energy

The power in your hands

Dr. Hiraoka, Ph.D in Psychiatrist projecting his cosmic energy

Dr. Debbie Smith, Ph. D. Optometry

Dr Pamesa, M.D. Sending her green energy

Dr. Pamesa, M.D. Working with the violet energy

Here you can see several powerful energy workers using Guy Coggins' amazing helping hand program for spiritual healers to illustrate their energy sessions.

See how the aura follows the movement of the energy worker's hand

How it works: The bio-sensors on Thrity's fingers measure the strength of her energy. Helping hand trainer shows her energy level as Red Orange. Helping hand trainer is designed for teaching energy balancing. With practice you can increase your energy Power using Helping Hand Trainer.

We place the helping hand biosensors on Thrity's fingers and wait for Helping Hand to calibrate.

The trainer starts at Gray and when Thrity turns on her energy the indicator goes to Red. Then we set WinAura Helping Hand to Red and turn it on. If you have bio control the aura will move.

See how the resonant orange color of the Reiki energy worker is reflected in the color of the client's aura. See the orange color coming from her hand. See how the aura is being pulled toward Thrity's hand.

• Before the treatment. The normal or disturbed aura colors are visible.

• The energy balancing takes place. You can clearly see the energy transmission between energy worker and patient.

• After the treatment. The balancing leaves clearly visible traces in the aura behind. With aura photography you can prove the process of balancing easily.

See Dr. Subhas Gokhale, Opthamalogist using Reiki