How to Read Auras Workbook
A workbook to guide you through your own aura journey.

Self Awareness Tree

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My Aura Map

Round and ridged? Smooth and elliptical? Mushroom shaped or halo shaped, we all express our auras differently. Below, and with the help of the example, "map" out the shape of the aura around your body. Mark any peaks or dips.

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Are there any color groupings in your aura? Does your left side meld blue and green, or does green show up in both your overhead and heart sections?

Aura Movement and Change - a Lifeís Journey

Like any other part of your life, your aura has the ability to change, even drastically. Your aura may also be very stable. Even the most stable auras have minor changes in their peaks and dips, in their intensity, and in the hue. Life is all about change.

Now that you have had at least one aura photo taken, it is time for you to meditate on where you want your aura to go, and what to do with your life to get there. Or conversely, where do you want your life to go, and what can you do to change incoming energies, work with inner energies, or refocus outgoing energies to achieve those goals?

When I first saw my aura, it was a viscous and clinging red. Intuitively I knew this was not my color; I am not an aggressive or ambitious person. It must be a shield I put up to the world to hide my true colors. I decided I needed to take a break from the fast-pace of my job and go on vacation. When I came back, the reds were still there, but I had some blues moving in. I also felt more energized and more open to express myself to others. I recently became pregnant, and this changed my auric colors amazingly.

This story and the one in the example are individual; they may not work for you. Take a while to think about how your aura describes you and where you want to go from there. Donít think of any colors as Ďgoodí or Ďbadí, those distinctions donít exist in the aura. Rather, think of colors intuitively, think of them as keys to your life. Red can be a defensive color, or it can be the color of a charming and assertive person. We all need a little red in our aura for that is the deep well of passion. If you have a chakra reading done, look for red in the root or sex chakra.

It is also not a good idea to strive for certain colors. Donít say to yourself, "I have no white in my aura, so I must not be as spiritual as I hoped. I must work on being white." Strive rather for a balance in your aura, a trueness in yourself that will preclude any balks you may have toward your first aura photo. Maybe before you next photo you ought to take a moment to yourself, reflect, meditate, pray, whatever you need to feel connected.

If you will be having any work done for your aura, such as a Reiki healing, or acupuncture, etc., you will be doing much to help balance your energies and your aura. You will almost undoubtedly see and feel a change. Keep these two things in mind: First, the more of the same type of treatment you have done to you, the less you will change. Second, donít expect your colors to get more brilliant or larger. A treatment, if done well, will bring your expressed and center colors closer to the middle of the spectrum (blues and greens).

The next four pages give you the opportunity to explore the potential of your own aura. See the range of colors you are capable of expressing, discover which colors resonate deeply and consistently with you, and interpret for yourself what they mean. It is not necessary to use all these pages, and if you need more, there should be some blank ones available. Good journeying, and have fun!

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