Color Interpretation Key
The real nitty-gritty tools youíll need to interpret your own aura.

Anatomy of the Aura


Chakrenk.gif (3159 bytes) The word chakra comes from the Sanskrit cakram, which means "wheel." Chakras are supposedly the anchors of our spirit, kind of like the ancient "houses of the soul". There are seven major centers of energy and several minor ones in the hands and feet. They are said to spin like vortexes and emanate color. Some systems of belief say you are aligned when your chakras all spin clockwise, and some say they should all spin like wheels of a gear system, in alternating directions.

We cannot "prove" that chakras exist, and in general the Western world is not very accepting of them. They are intuitive, like color meaning, and reside in the plane of the spiritual as well as the physical. It should not surprise you that something so intuitive to the psyche and soul be so elusive to the intellect. Nonetheless, modern aura imaging tools can detect the presence of these energy vortexes and translate their frequencies into color and direction of spin. In the Cogginsí camera Polaroid photograph, only the heart and throat chakras can be visible. In the new WinAura and Interactive computer programs, it is possible to see all of the chakras along with the overall aura. If you believe strongly in the importance of chakras, you should seek this technology out.

Here are descriptions of the different chakras, from the top to the bottom.


Aurak201.gif (3519 bytes) Experience. The color seen over your head is what you experience for yourself now. Itís the color that would best describe you.

Third eye

Aurak301.gif (3402 bytes) Celestial. The color of the third eye reflects your spiritual state. Your insights, celestial dreams and spirit guides also affect this chakra.


Aurak304.gif (2733 bytes) Communication. The color on the throat is traditionally energy actively being expressed or held back. It could be a sore throat or a song.


Aurak303.gif (2798 bytes) Empathy. The color of your heart is usually the force coming into your being.

Solar Plexus

Aurak205.gif (3300 bytes) The color of the solar plexus is usually the center vibration of your being. It is the most common center for suppressed desires and feelings.


Aurak302.gif (2682 bytes) The energy coming from the sex area is what sparks all creative an social impulses. It emanates sexual desires, but also feelings of love.


Aurak204.gif (3412 bytes) The color of the root area is generally the energy of the physical plane and the personís common reality. This is where all impulses for emotions begin, and it lies just below your belly button.

Some Meanings of Auric Colors

By: Susana Madden and Guy Coggins

CoupleAura Before Kiss.tif (398044 bytes)
CoupleAura During Kiss.tif (392058 bytes)
Before Kissing
During Kissing
Wouldnít it be exciting to tell at a first glance when meeting an attractive stranger what kind of lover, husband, or friend he may be? Is this handsome hunk a caring, honest, compassionate, potential family man? Could he be monogamous? Or is this cutie giving you the eye of a philandering rock 'n roller, bedding down a different woman every night? Appearances, when meeting someone for the first time, are usually deceiving. Unless we are familiar with a personís background, it usually takes quite a while to honestly know someone. On the other hand, oneís aura tells all. The aura, a field of energy that surrounds people and other living things does not lie or conceal. The beautiful colors in oneís auric field reveal a personís true nature.

By taking thousands of photos, and asking many questions, I have found that the six basic colors seen in the aura correspond to six basic personality types, with each having a distinctive social and sexual style. Now, if you know what color his aura is, youíll know what to expect from him! Do you want to be with a lusty, animalistic red? Or would you rather be with a supportive and sensitive blue? Here are the six basic colors along with their general descriptions. Please not that these descriptions do not always apply, but are generalities, or like tendencies. Life is always full of surprises, and anyone is capable of just about anything.