Dr. Subhas Gokhale

not only cures patients

with Reiki, but spends

time convincing a

sceptical medical

community about its

benefits. Here he talks to

Mahesh Ramchandani

about this form of

alternative healing that

could be combined with

western medicine for

best results

Photographs: Meenal Agarwal

Will Reiki be ever accepted ? Opthamologist Dr Gokhale

t was fear that led

Dr. Subhash Gokhale to take

a serious look at spirftualism

and alternative forms of

healing. ‘I was watching this

man who was partiafly

paralysed, who had to have

others help him wear his

clothes”, Dr. Gokhale recalls,

“and I didn’t want to end up Uke

him. I didn’t want to be an

invalid.” He started taking a close

look at medftation techniques

ctrirfiu frnm the health angle.

Dr. Gokhale has come a long way

snce. Calm and energetic, the

year-o’d doctor radiates a

sense of well-being and serenity,

not found commonly in others his

age. An eye surgeon, he has been

practking since ‘68, and in the

past has been assistant professor

at Nair Hospital, associate

professor at Sion Hospital. and

head of the department at the

Rajiv Gandhi Medical Co’lege.

Now, he devotes only one day a

week to his hospital in

Prabhadevi, Mumbai, and spends

most of his time studying,

teaching Reiki to others and

finding ways to document its

effects for the benefit of

disbelieving members of the

medical community.

Earlier Dr. Gokhale set himself

to study alternative healing

systems and meditation

techniques on his own. Initially,

what must have been a peptic

uLcer, he presumes, drove him to

study naturopathy. “1 changed my